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The Deputy Principals

Apart from the Principal as the key leading learner, the senior executive team at Lurnea High School also includes three Deputy Principals whose core areas of responsibility are outlined below:

Mr James Samphier : Deputy Principal Yrs 7, 9 and 11

Assets & Properties: Coordination of all site works, DoE agencies, government authorities, contractors and cyclical maintenance, including the GA’s and cleaners.

Leadership of future works programs to improve the aesthetic and functioning quality of the school learning environment.

Health & Safety: Leadership of school-wide compliance with safe work practices and the cyclical audit process.

Learning Centre: Supervision of LC staff and programs to support Year 12 students in their completion of HSC assessment.

NESA: Leadership of NESA aspects of review and compliance school-wide.

Coordination of Schools Online with relevant DP’s and Careers.

Transition School to Work: Leadership of the staff and programs which support students at risk of not meeting mandatory education requirements and supporting opportunities for them to engage in alternate pathways to future learning and employment.

Coordination of external support agencies, workplace providers, programs in the delivery of alternate career and educational pathways.

Snr Exec liaison to the Learning Support Team for Careers and Transition.

Intersecting portfolios: Learning Support, Curriculum, Wellbeing and Teaching & Learning.



Social Science




Mrs Sarah Crawford- Deputy Principal Yrs 8, 10 and 12

Curriculum: Leadership of school-wide compliance with NESA and DoE requirements regarding curriculum provision across stages.

Coordination of subject selection and local curriculum framework in advice for timetabling.

Wellbeing: Leadership of school-wide approaches to wellbeing including Student Leadership, proactive programs to support and engage students in their own wellbeing, and initiatives designed to address negative student behaviour.

Supervision of the HT Wellbeing and liaison for the School Counselling Team.

Timetabling: Leadership of the timetabling team in both the main school and the IEC, developing depth and capacity in the team over time.

Intersecting portfolios: Learning Support and Teaching & Learning.


Community Liaison Officer's





Mrs Connie Karamitos:  Deputy Principal Support Unit

Aboriginal Education: Leadership of an authentic engagement at the whole school level with the DoE Aboriginal education policies and the reporting on this in the Annual Report.

Increasing engagement with the broader Aboriginal community and promoting the success of our indigenous students.

Assessment & Reporting: Leadership of whole-school compliance with DoE assessment & reporting policies. Monitoring of the school reporting schedule and organisational responsibilities for parent teacher conferencing. Monitoring of whole school assessment process and practice.

Multicultural Education: Leadership of the school’s multicultural education and inclusive practices, reflective of the DoE policies in this area and the reporting on this in the Annual Report.

Professional Learning: Supervision of the HT Teaching & Learning and the co-development with the Senior Executive of teacher professional learning aligned with the School Plan.

Technology: Management of the technology resourcing across the school and leading the provision of teacher professional learning required to access new and emerging technologies in teaching and supervision of the TSO.

Snr Exec liaison with the Learning Support Team for Support/Special Ed.

Intersecting portfolios: Learning Support, Curriculum, NESA.




Teaching & Learning


Support Unit



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