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The Executive Team

The executive team at Lurnea High School is a vibrant and dynamic one, representing diverse experience, interests and skills. Apart from KLA Head Teachers, the executive also comprises additional Head Teachers whose positions have been funded through the new Resource Allocation Model (RAM). These additional roles have helped increase and maximise effective delivery of school organisation, administration, student wellbeing and engagement support. The team is motivated by a strong sense of advocacy for every student and a desire to see all students succeed. 

The executive, including the Principal and Deputies, meet each Wednesday afternoon. Meetings are conducted in a democratic manner, fostering all voices and encouraging ideas and opinions. Since 2012, the team also meets once a term (usually Wednesday of week 6) after school for the Executive Mini Conference. The purpose of the mini conference is to provide a forum for professional learning in leadership development and whole school actions.

Key actions in recent times include:

  • Evaluation of the 2018- 2020 School Plan
  • Refining and developing the new Startegic Improvement Plan 2021- 2024
  • Reviewing and rethinking our school-wide systems, practices, routines and rules
  • Exploring innovative strategies in teaching and learning including project-based learning, STEM and cross-KLA action learning initiatives

Head Teachers

  • English/History and ESL – Ms Meagan Surmon
  • Maths/ Computer Studies – Mr Edward Kumar 
  • Science – Mr Ashish Anand 
  • Social Science/LOTE/VET – Ms Nilofar Mishra
  • PDHPE – Ms Lauren Bellman 
  • TAS – Mr Ron Piccinin
  • Support Unit – Ms Rakshana Nair
  • Intensive English Centre (IEC) – Mrs Helen Lee and Mrs Evleen Yawanis 
  • Learning and Support/EAL/D  - Mr Tim Cobon
  • Teaching and Learning – Mr Ashley Cullen
  • Administration – Mr Isaac Youssef
  • Wellbeing- Mr Sandro Frade

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