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Student Wellbeing & Success

Student wellbeing is important to us at Lurnea High School. It forms one of our three Strategic Directions in the current School Plan - strategic direction 2: "Relationships, Wellbeing and Resilience".

We want students to connect, succeed and thrive both at school and when they leave and move on to the next phases of their lives. We work with individuals, small groups and whole year groups to support and strengthen the physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of every student.

Year advisers play an important role in leading the suite of programs, activities and personalised support for students in each year. They are a contact point for both parents and students. Year Advisers work very hard to ensure that the students in their year groups are provided with the best opportunities and the best and most appropriate support.

The school has a team of excellent counsellors who also support Year Advisers in their work with students to ensure that our work with students is cohesive, caring and responsive.